ICSSH 2019 - 2nd Prague – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH)


会议名称:ICSSH 2019 - 2nd Prague – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH)



所在国家:Czech Republic

所在城市:Czech Technical University in Prague (České vysoké)






Dear Colleagues/Professors/Students, International Academic Conferences promote international dissemination of knowledge and development of cross-national academic fraternity. The participants come from different backgrounds and countries. They share their researches, experiences and informally create long-lasting bonds. It has been commonly observed that people lack the motivation and confidence in taking part in international events, basically due to self-made or cultural inhibitions. We recognize this factor, and we make sure to support and motivate first-timers and also seasoned academicians by: Generating your academic and professional relationships Boosting your morale and confidence in presenting your research in an international platform Clearing your inhibitions of adjusting to the foreign environment Providing a holistic experience of academic tourism The participation in the international conference may be under following categories: Original Research Articles Published Articles Research Poster Dissertation/ PhD Synopsis Research Abstract Listener/ Co-author Absentia Abstract/ Paper/ Synopsis Submission Prospective authors are invited to submit Full Papers/ Abstract of Original Research work or, Synopsis of Ph.D./Dissertation, Published work, Viewpoints or Way Forward/ Poster by filling the online application form. Salient Features of Conference International Dissemination and Synthesis of Knowledge Generation of Multi-national Academic community Global Networking and Collaboration Opportunity for presenting Ph.D. Thesis/ Dissertation/ Already published work Opportunity for presenting and discussing Original concepts/ Viewpoints/ Way forward/ Literature review Opportunity to retain copyright of presented research work for publication in other reputed journals of choice Opportunity to publish research work (in English) in our collaborated International Journals with ISSN number, indexing and impact factor Papers are invited in English Vernacular session e.g., European Languages, Persian, Bahasa, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Sinhalese, Tamil, can be organized for a minimum of 5 or more participants of a particular language Presentation in Oral/ Poster/ Video format Affordable conferences at the best locations around the world What makes us different? We try to give our participants a positive network/relation building experience by: We have team building/ socializing/gaming sessions where the participants mix with one another and talk to one another in an informal environment. We arrange the entire conference (coffee breaks, lunches, and presentations) in such a way that participants may interact with each other freely. We try and add each one to our Facebook page and group so that all of us may have long-term and everlasting friendly relations. Presentation modes and options (Oral, Poster, and Video) Oral/ Poster/ Recorded Video (You may record a 10 minutes video in the English language on your HD Phone/ Camera in a closed room with proper lighting, any friend/ colleague/ expert can present your research). Prompt and Hassle Free Services (This is one of our most appealing strength. We reply to the emails promptly and understand the need of our participant. Our staff gives all efforts to make the things Hassle free and add value to our participants.) Best Paper Award Our Award Committee will select the Best Paper Award. Every conference carries this award and the winner is awarded an e-certificate post-conference by email. Review and Acceptance The 'Acceptance/ Invitation Letter' for the conference is provided on the basis of the review of the submitted 'Abstract'. The review of the submitted abstract takes around 3-4 working days. The review is based on: Match to the conference theme Completeness of Abstract The attractiveness of the research Abstracts should contain the following: Relevant and complete title (ideally up to 15 words) Full Names, Affiliations, Emails of the author(s) Research Abstract (ideally 150-300 words) indicating: Research Objectives, Methodology, Findings, Research Outcomes, Future Scope 3 to 5